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The northernmost district of Pori, Ahlainen, is an enchantingcombination of nature, sea, attractive buildings and lively village life.

The village of Ahlainen is nationally recognised for its cultural significance due to its skilfully constructed wooden houses and traditional picket fences. Rivers flowing into the sea have created a delta at the Rantakaupunki area, right next to the village. The delta is in a slow but constant state of change, owing to postglacial land uplift which gradually transforms former sea bottom into dry land, creating a unique natural environment in the process.

A characteristic part of Ahlainen are the two outflow channels of river Karvianjoki- rivers Eteläjoki and Pohjajoki - that flow through the village. At the Kylänranta shore where the Nahkurinkuja road ends, Eteläjoki branches further to river Ahlaistenjoki and river Kristiskerinjoki. Owing to its environmental value, the Ahlaistenjoki delta is a Natura area and also a part of the Bothnian Sea National Park. What’s more, the archipelago near Ahlainen with its rocky-shored islands is absolutely unique.

Getting there

Ahlainen is about a 30-minute drive away from the centre of Pori. If you are travelling by car, take the route Vaasantie road → Ahlaistentie road. An alternative route with nice variations in the scenery departs from Lampaluoto at Meri-Pori and goes along the Porin saaristotie road.

The road that leads from Merikarvia to Ahlainen is a part of the national Gulf of Bothnia Tourist Route that starts from Tornio, a town at the border of Finland and Sweden. Ahlainen has a well-preserved village milieu on a ridge and also some surviving parts of a medieval mail coach route that runs via Noormarkku all the way to Southwest Finland.

The bus company of Porin linjat Oy operates regular bus routes from the centre of Pori to Ahlainen. For more information on bus schedules, please contact the Pori Regional Tourist Agency MAISA. The centre of Pori can be easily reached from other parts of Finland by bus, train and plane. Visit (train), (bus) and (plane) for more information.