Welcome to Pori

The City of Pori has a lot to offer both for residents and tourists.

Pori was founded in 1558 in the proximity of the sea and Kokemäenjoki River. This ideal location made possible for Pori to grow into an international city of commerce and industry. Yyteri Beach serves those who want to relax and be active. Kirjurinluoto Park is a unique heart of the city next to the river providing activities for all age groups.

Rich culture has always had a strong standing in Pori. Pori is one of the leading Finnish cities in happenings. In the 21st century Pori is a city of students and modern enterprises.


Info Bank

Immigrant coordinator
Su Ran Kim

044 701 1268

Short info

Founded in 1558

Part of Satakunta region

Residents: 85 432 (1.1.2015)


Helsinki 237 km

Turku 139 km

Tampere 114 km

Vaasa 193 km