Starting a business?

Considering a career as an entrepreneur? Pori with its surrounding region is a perfect operational environment for companies and investors. Pori has the third most diverse industry in Finland. Pori region is one of the most industrialized areas in Finland and productivity is above average.

In Pori you will never be alone with your business. As an entrepreneur, you will get support throughout the whole life cycle of your company. 

Prizztech Ltd and Enter will help you get started with entrepreneurship. From Prizztech you will get concrete advice on business plans and calculations, financial matters such as startup grant, as well as authority matters e.g. registration and taxation.

Prizztech Ltd

Prizztech Ltd is a non-profit business development company owned by the municipalities of the Satakunta region. The main shareholder of the company is the City of Pori.

Prizztech Ltd operates as an impartial, non-profit organization of experts. The operations are divided into the following themes: entrepreneurship and business life, attractive business environments and research communities.


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