City of Pori Youth Services

Small groups, club activities, open door activities and different kinds of events are organized in youth centres. Youth centre is a place where you can come alone or spend free time with your friends.

In addition to spending spare time, you can play billiards, different board games and console games, cook, do crafts and watch a movie in the youth centre. Occasionally, there are competitions, excursions and theme nights. The youth centre is an intoxicant and a safe place to be where there is always an adult youth work professional present. In the youth centre you can also discuss confidentially with a counselor.

There are seven youth centres in Pori:

  • in the city centre (address: Isolinnankatu 12),
  • in West Pori (address: Korventie 2),
  • in Pihlava (Pihlavan Putki, address: Vanha Maantie 2, in the premises of the former elementary school),
  • in Noormarkku (address: Finpyyntie 18, at the Noormarkku sports hall),
  • in Puuvilla shopping centre (address: Siltapuistokatu 14),
  • in Sampola (address: Puhurintie 22),
  • ​in Lavia (address: Viittatie 4).

In addition to these, there is also a skateboarding hall (address: Herralahdenraitti 1, Askokylä), a mobile youth centre (Nuokka Paku, ”Youth Van”) and online- youth centre Netari.

Camp and excursion activities are a part of youth work. Most of the camps are held at the youth service’s own camping centre in Kullaa, called Tammen Tila. There are camps for both elementary and secondary school students, unemployed young people, international youth groups etc.

In international activities, the international mobility of young people is supported both in groups and at individual level.

The influence and involvement of of young people is supported with a model called Vaikuttamisen polku, ”Influence Path”. It consists of school-specific work, regional parliaments, youth council and contributing to online democracy ( Children’s and young people’s Q & A session with the decision-makers,  and vice versa, is arranged in alternate years and the annual visit to the Parliament of Finland has also gained a high popularity. Regional youth influencing is being developed through a project called Nuorten ääni Satakunta, ”Young People’s Voice Satakunta”.

Special youth work is carried out as a small group activity (e.g. floorball groups, power club, activities for unemployed young people), as personalized individual youth work and as a street patrol. In the personalized individual youth work, the young person is supported in various matters from the young person’s point of view. The street patrol youth work is done on weekends in the streets of Pori, by giving both mental and physical first aid to young people. 

Different kinds of bigger and smaller events for young people are held all year round. Those events, among other things, are informed on the website. 

The youth services maintains the website which is aimed for the young people. On the website, you can find more detailed information on the activities of the youth services.

Read more: or come and visit us: City of Pori Youth Services, Isolinnankatu 12.

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