• The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies is a visual art workshop designed for families with a baby. The workshops progress from exploring and observing of colours and light, to self-producing traces. The traces left by the babies, as well as their visual gestures and activity, are considered significant and important.
  • The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies offers the possibility of multifaceted interaction between a baby and an adult. The main goal of a workshop isn't achievement or efficiency, but sensing and experiencing. The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies contains many elements that are pedagogically developmental, that stimulate mobility and support early interaction, and that are therapeutic. However, above all, it's about visual enjoyment and pleasure which is experienced by taking all the senses into consideration. The action is based on using safe materials in a safe environment.
  • Pori Centre for Children's Culture began the Experiential Colour Workshops for Babies in 2003, in collaboration with Pori Art Museum. The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies is based on the method developed by the director of Pori Centre for Children's Culture, Päivi Setälä and the workshop mentors.


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