Outdoor Activities

Coherent Park Area Spreading across the City

Pori National Urban Park, Kirjurinluoto, covers about ten square kilometres and is our shared “living room" in which the river Kokemäenjoki and its surrounding green areas spread around the heart of the city. The urban park area offers a wide range of attractive cultural and natural heritage, all within a walking distance from the city centre.

Visitors and residents can wander through the various historic phases of the city’s development and explore this built environment, a valuable part of Finland’s national heritage, the historic park architecture and other green areas. The National Urban Park is also packed with events, buzzing with life and energy all year round.

The most famous of the summer events is the Pori Jazz Festival which gathers music lovers together on the islet of Kirjurinluoto, part of the National Urban Park. With the versatility of its combination of nature and culture, Pori National Urban Park provides facilities for recreation, sport activities and entertainment.

Pori National Urban Park was founded on the 6th of May in 2002. It is one of the main themes of developing the urban structure and the cityscape, a way of managing and preserving the urban environment.

The urban park comprises three distinct entities:

The area of islands incorporates the Kokemäenjoki river estuary with its islets of Kirjurinluoto, Polsanluoto, Liljanluoto, Hanhiluoto, Kvistinluoto and Hevosluoto. The islets are part of Finland’s prime river delta. The mouth of the river closer to the sea has become an area of high value for waterbirds. Current use of the area is mainly concentrated on recreation and leisure activities plus agriculture.

The park on the islet of Kirjurinluoto provides a large amount of space for events and a swimming beach in a green setting. The city centre comprises the areas of Pohjoisranta and Eteläranta (the north and south river banks respectively), Kivi-Pori (the old part of the city built of concrete), the intersecting boulevards and the surrounding historic buildings. The city centre also includes a new and old cemetery with heritage buildings, the school and the railway station areas plus the Portal underpass beneath the main road 2 and the railway line. The most interesting sites in terms of the built historic environment and the park architecture are found in the city centre.

The area of the sports centre and the Pori Forest is made up of Isomäki, Pori Forest, the sports centre, the open-air swimming pool, and the stadium. These areas form a versatile concentration of sports and outdoor recreation facilities which people actively use in all seasons of the year.

Green Corridor through the City

Pori National Urban Park area forms a continuous green structure within the city. Without leaving the park, you can journey from the Kokemäenjoki river delta, known for its birdlife, through the heart of the city to the Isomäki recreation area and on to the countryside surrounding the city.

Besides interesting sights, the urban park also offers countless opportunities to enjoy the peace and quiet and to relax. Parks, forests, wetlands and other natural experiences can be found within walking distance of the city centre.

Besides the National Urban Park, Pori also offers the opportunity to get to know the Bothnian Sea National Park, which was founded on the 8th of March in 2011 as the 37th national park of Finland.

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