Pori Sinfonietta

The city of Pori has its own classical orchestra – the roots of classical music in this city are long!

The Pori Music Society founded an orchestra in Pori in 1877 out of fifteen amateur musicians playing mostly light and dance music. In 1902 classical music was added to the repertoire.

The Pori City Orchestra, nowadays known as the Pori Sinfonietta, was officially founded in 1938, when the players in the Pori Amateur Orchestra and the Pori Orchestra Society decided to join forces. In the late 1970s all 28 musicians were full-time professionals.

Nowadays there are 31 international musicians and five people in the office working for Pori Sinfonietta.  In autumn 2018 Tibor Bogányi took up the position of chief conductor.

A lively orchestra of a high standard, the Pori Sinfonietta produces musical events in its home city, the surrounding province and even in other parts of Finland. The concerts in Pori area are usually in Promenadisali (Yrjönkatu 17).

The orchestra plays symphony concerts in a variety of style from larger classical pieces to children’s concerts and more popular music. The orchestra’s musicians also play many chamber music concerts with different combinations during the seasons. The orchestra also produces concerts in the Central Pori Church for example around Easter and Christmas.

Pori Sinfonietta co-operates regularly with Palmgren conservatory, Pori filharmonic choir and the opera associations in Pori.

Concert tickets are sold by Ticketmaster. The tickets can be purchased either online or from Visit Pori (Itäpuisto 7), Prisma Mikkola (Itäkeskuksenkaari 6) or Sokos Pori (Liisankatu 2-4).

Welcome to a concert!

Pori Sinfonietta