Cycling and walking

Pori has great opportunities for walking and cycling. The terrain is flat, the urban structure is compact and the fairway is comprehensive.

Pori has over 320 kilometres of walking and cycling networks. There are also several park trails and nature and outdoor routes for example in Kirjurinluoto, Isomäki and Yyteri.


There are seven city bikes in Porina Service Point that can be borrowed against a deposit in cash.

The deposit for the bike is 20 euros per day or 50 euros per week. Helmets and lamps are included in the deposit sum. The deposit is refunded after the condition of the bike has been checked and all the rented items have been returned.

The maximum borrowing time is one week at a time. In case there are bikes available, it is possible to borrow the bike again for another week. The bikes can be borrowed and returned only during Porina Service Point’s office hours. The bikes cannot be booked in advance or during winter season.

When borrowing a bike, you have to present a valid ID-card, fill in the borrowing form and accept the borrowing terms of use. The borrower must be over 15 years old. If someone under 15 years borrows a bike, he or she must be accompanied by an adult when filling in the borrowing form. The adult will then be responsible for the bike.


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