Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education services are provided by municipal daycare centres, family daycare and open daycare centres. Open daycare services (municipal daycare clubs and family clubs) are free of charge and are available for children who are cared for at home.

Municipal daycare is available full-time, part-time, and on a shift basis. Part-time means a maximum of 5 hours of care per day . The cost of municipal daycare varies according to income. To find out more about costs and benefits, please contact Early Childhood Education Office.

Applying for Daycare

For placement in a municipal daycare centre, an application should be made four months before the expected starting date of daycare. You can make the application also if you do not know the exact day when your need of daycare starts. You can tell in the application that you are applying for school or course but you don’t know when it starts.That all helps in finding the best place for your child.

Starting Daycare

Having received a decision confirming care placement, parents/guardians should contact the designated daycare centre before the daycare actually begins. An advance visit to the day care centre is essential both for the parents as well as the child. Good cooperation between the staff and parents creates conditions for a smooth start for the child and strengthens an educational partnership between all concerned.

Daycare Routines

Meals are provided in full-time daycare, based upon the hours of care. Breakfast 8 am, lunch 11-11:30 am, and snack 2 pm. Lunch is provided for part-time daycare and in preschool. Dinner and an evening snack are provided for in shift and evening care. In case of food allergies you should have a medical certificate from a doctor or a nurse.

Activities in daycare are age-appropriate to stimulate the development of the child. Basic care includes naptime and time outdoors. Children need separate clothing for inside and outside activities along with indoor slippers/shoes and some spare clothes. Playing outdoors is part of the daycare centre daily activities.

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