The City Board

The City Board manages the city’s operations, administration and economy. The City Board is responsible for the preparation, implementation and legality of the decisions of the Council. The City Board represents the city and speaks for the city.

The City Board normally meets on Mondays at 13:00. The known meeting days will be published (in Finnish) on the city’s electronic bulletin board  and on the official notice board (Service Point Porina, Yrjönkatu 6 B). 


Diana Bergroth-Lampinen, The Chairwoman of the Board,

Social Democratic Party
+35844 455 7302

Anne Liinamaa, I Vice Chairwoman, Green Party
+35850 346 2412

Juha Kantola, II Vice Chairman, Centre Party
+35844 502 9669


Satu Hatanpää, National Coalition Party
+35840 5870 339

Petri Huru, Finns Party
+358400 423 939

Mari Kaunistola, National Coalition Party

Arja Laulainen, Social Democratic Party
+35840 825 6264

Raisa Ranta, Left Alliance
+35850 301 6356

Tommi Salokangas, Finns Party

Erno Välimäki, Left Alliance
+35845 636 5393

Wahlman, Esa J. Social Democratic Party
+35850 608 41


Aho, Mika / Left Alliance
Alenius, Sinikka / Social Democratic Party
Grönmark, Sanna / Green Party
Heino, Mirva / Social Democratic party
Joensuu, Jarno / Social Democratic Party
Korkeaoja, Aila / Centre Party
Lahtinen, Petri / National Coalition Party
Läntinen, Ismo / Finns Party
Nurmi, Arto / Finns Party
Tommila, Milka / Left Alliance
Tuovinen, Mika / National Coalition Party