The City Council

The city's highest decision-making power is exercised by the City Council, which includes 59 delegates. Members of the City Council are elected in municipal elections every four years.  
The City Council usually meets once a month on Mondays starting  from 6 p.m. at the Chamber of the City Hall (address Hallituskatu 12). Meetings of the council are public and they are announced on the city electronic bulletin board (in Finnish). It is possible to follow the council meetings on the spot or on Twitter, where the council discussion is conducted with the tag  #porivaltuusto (in Finnish). 

The Presidency of the Council

The Chairwoman of the Council
Krista Kiuru,
Social Democratic Party
+35850 512 2935

I Vice Chairwoman of the Council
Oili Heino, Left Alliance  

II Vice Chairwoman of the Council 
Laura Huhtasaari
Finns Party
+35844 353 5005

III Vice Chairman of the Council
Juha Vasama
National Coalition Party
+35844 455 7311


The members of the council according to the council groups: