Elderly People

The City of Pori strives to support elderly residents so that they can live happy and healthy lives at home for as long as possible. Help is available for the elderly so that they can live in their own homes: meals, transportation and safety services as well as home care help is available for those living at home.

If services supporting living at home can no longer guarantee the person’s safety at home, there are several options for housing. Sheltered homes allow residents to live independently, with help available if needed. Intensified sheltered housing refers to living in a sheltered home with care and assistance 24/7. More demanding care and treatment is available in institutional care.

Open Service Centre for the Elderly Viikkarin Valkama, located at Juhana Herttuankatu 17, 28100 Pori. Info Point for the Elderly Mob: +358 44 701 9013 Please call preferably between 9.00-11.00.