Social and Family Services

Child Health and Maternity Clinics

During pregnancy, the well-being of mothers and children is monitored at maternity and child health clinics. Child health and maternity clinics conduct health check-ups for children aged 0-6 years and monitor pregnancy. These also provide many services for families. You should contact a clinic as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

Contact +358 2 621 5000 Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00.

In case of illness, you should contact your own health clinic. If you or your children have acute pain outside office hours, call the advice number of the joint emergency duty service, tel. 116 117.

Family Counseling

Parent/parents may contact Family Counseling:
• If parents are concerned about child development, behavior or social survival
• If parents want to get support in parenting
• If there is a family crisis, a problem of interaction or a relationship crisis
• If a member of the family needs help in mediating a family matter

The Family Counseling Office is located at Yrjönkatu 20, 4th floor, 28100 Pori. Contact +358 44 701 6160 on weekdays 8.00-10.30.

Child Protection

The Child Protection personnel can be contacted by anyone who is concerned about the welfare of a child or a young person. Child Protection can be contacted by the child or young person, his/her relatives, friends or neighbours.

During office hours, please contact the Emergency Social Services tel. +358 2 623 4380. Outside office hours, in acute situations, please contact the emergency centre number 112.

Adult Social Work

Adult social work offers support for a variety of problematic situations, such as prolonged unemployment, financial difficulties, substance abuse, mental health and housing problems. Social workers also provide support for general everyday things to survive.

In need of help, please contact +358 2 621 1100