The city of Pori leases allotments in Hevosluoto, Vähä-Hevosluoto, Hanhiluoto, Väinölä, Liinaharja and Pihlava.

The size of an allotment is approximately one hundred square meters and the price per year is 12-15 euros.

In allotments with perennial plants you can plant both annual and perennial garden plants such as vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, berry bushes and flowers. You can also build up to 80 centimeters high storage box for garden tools. Planting trees is forbidden.

Allotments with annual plants are ploughed in fall and harrowed in spring so in those areas you can plant only annual vegetables and flowers.


Satakunta Garden Information Centre

Address Kirjurinluodontie 6, 28101 Pori
Phone +3582 641 1333 or +35844 701 4308

Winter opening hours 15.9.-14.4.
WED-THU 10-11 and 12-15.30

Summer opening hours 15.4.-14.9.
MON-WED 10-11 and 12-16
THU 10-11 and 12-17