Waste management practices are not the same all around Finland. There are national guidelines on how to recycle waste and reuse materials, but practical advices are always local. Municipals Eurajoki, Harjavalta, Kokemäki, Merikarvia, Nakkila, Pomarkku, Pori, Siikainen and Ulvila belong to Pori Waste Management co-operation area. The organisation is called Porin Jätehuolto. The municipal regulations about waste management in the area are almost identical, with some exceptions.

How you sort your garbage depends on the place you live in because the rubbish is delivered to different recipients that recycle the materials. You can seek for advice from the waste advisers jateneuvonta(@)


Once a year municipals send a bill for eco fee to every household. The eco fee covers for example the costs of maintenance of recycling stations, collection of domestic hazardous waste and waste advising.

Row house and a block of flats

The waste management is already taken care of by a housing cooperative. The maintenance charge or rent includes the cost of waste management.

There are several containers at your yard for sorting the waste. The biggest blocks of flats have their own containers for glass packaging, metal, paper, carton packaging, plastic packaging, bio waste and mixed waste. All the waste containers should have labels in Finnish.

Single family house

You need to make a contract with a local waste transportation company. The company empties your mixed waste container regularly.

There are several waste transportation companies in the region. The easiest way to find contact information is to ask from your neighbour or waste advisers. You can buy a waste container from a hardware store yourself or the waste transportation company assists you.

The container on your yard is for mixed waste. You can put there things that can’t be reused or recycled in any way. Bring your recyclable waste to local recycling stations: there are containers for paper, carton packaging, glass packaging and metal. Organic kitchen and garden waste can be composted on one’s own yard.

Recycling station

Recycling stations are usually placed to residential areas. Also some grocery stores offer a recycling station to serve their customers. Find your nearest recycling station

Recycling is everyone’s duty!

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