The flight connection between Pori and Helsinki has started

The city board of Pori has accepted Budapest Aircraft Service (BASe) Ltd’s tender covering flight connections between Pori and Helsinki. The contract period started the 1st of August 2019 and follows the public service obligation.

Flights start 1st of August. There are three daily departures both from Pori and Helsinki every day from Monday to Friday. Model of the aircraft is EMBRAER EMB120 Brasilia, with the capacity of 30 passengers. Further information about tickets is given next week, when the ticket sale starts.

According to mayor Aino-Maija Luukkonen the earlier experiences show, that the company is very reliable and adheres to the timetables strictly, which is from the customers’ point of view.

– The schedule is planned to serve the business travellers, and especially connections to European and Asian destinations, but naturally all passengers are welcome to use the connection. The late night flight guarantees that both business and leisure travellers can return home for the night, Luukkonen continues.

This is a long-term solution because public service obligation has been admitted to city of Pori until the end of 2022.

Marja Huhtanen, the representative of Inter Handling Pori, which is responsible for the land services at Pori airport, is delighted with the solution.

– We have had plenty of time to prepare ourselves together with the operator so that the traffic can start as scheduled.


The flight schedule is following:

Pori-Helsinki 06:00-06:45
Helsinki-Pori 08:15-09:00

Pori-Helsinki 14:00-14:45
Helsinki-Pori 16:35-17:20

Pori-Helsinki 21:15-22:00
Helsinki-Pori 24:00-00:45

Porin ja Helsingin väliä liikennöivän lentokoneen sisätilat


Porin ja Helsingin väliä liikennöivä lentokone