City of Pori to set new restrictions and recommendations due the Covid-19 pandemic

As an attempt to avert the spreading of the corona virus, the city will restrict the use of its public spaces until the end of the year.

Museums and youth centers will be closed between December 3 and 31, 2020. Libraries will offer only limited services with book loans. Culture house Annis and the Children’s Culture Center will also be closed until the end of the year. Adult education center, Pori art school and the Palmgren conservatory will continue their operation remotely, excluding the conservatory’s individual teaching and art school’s groups of children and the youth.

Public sports venues, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and Karhuhalli along other city’s public indoor sports venues will be closed from public audience until December 31, 2020. Private indoor sports venues are also recommended to be closed.

It is also recommended that indoor team and contact sports of people over the age of 15 should be ceased until December 31. Restrictions and recommendations in sports exclude professional athletes and their operations, and children under the age of 15.

Running errands with Porina and other service points should primarily be done by telephone.  

Recommendations on the use of face masks effective indefinitely.

City of Pori recommends the use of face masks to all its citizens over the age of 15. Face masks should be worn in public spaces, the city offices and in public transit. Recommendations include early childhood education, school with classes 7-9, vocational school and upper secondary schools.

City also recommends everyone to mind their safe distances and their way of coughing and sneezing. If even minor symptoms are noticed, one should immediately stay home and avoid all public spaces.

– The corona virus is still to be taken seriously. With these restrictions and recommendations, we aim to restrain the spreading of the disease in Pori and Satakunta region. We hope that everyone takes part by obeying the recommendations and directives given at the time, says the mayor of Pori, Aino-Maija Luukkonen.


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