City of Pori lifts restrictions of leisure activities for under 20-year-olds – mask recommendation expands to schools with grades 7-9

From January 25 practicing of leisure activities is allowed for people under the age of 20.

People under the age of 20 can practice sports under certain restrictions. Indoor competitions and matches are still to be ceased until further notice. Sports practices for under 20-year-olds must be executed in a way that allows participants to keep their safe distances.  

Parents must wear masks and mind their safe distances while dropping off and picking up their children. 

All sports events and competitions taking place outside the Satakunta region are to be ceased indefinitely, including both individual and team sports of all ages.

Restrictions and recommendations in sports exclude professional athletes and their operations. 

Outdoor sports and excercising venues can be kept open for personal use.  

Palmgren conservatory’s teaching of children and youth as well as the adult education centre’s courses of under 11 people can be carried out from January 25, if mask recommendations and safe distance regulations can be followed.  

Public swimming pools remain closed until at least January 31. 

Mask recommendation to schools with grades 7-9 

City of Pori strongly recommends the use of face masks for students in grades 7-9. Masks should be worn in schools as well as in public and school transit. In transits to schools, masks are recommended to be worn by students in grades 7-9 as well as elementary students that commute with older students.   

City of Pori will provide students with masks. Mask recommendation is in effect at least until January 31. 

Students and parents, in addition to teachers and other personnel are also encouraged to use the Koronavilkku mobile application to help prevent the spread of corona virus.


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