Change in Pori’s Basic Social Security Administration coronavirus vaccination appointments: Information about the vaccination shift to be sent via SMS

The number of available vaccines offered by Pori’s Basic Social Security Administration has now increased significantly and, as a result, the system of making appointments will also change. From now on, a text message will be sent to the residents of the Pori basic security area when an appointment can be made for the coronavirus vaccine.

The new appointment system identifies the group currently being vaccinated and automatically sends a pre-notification stating that the person is in the appointment queue. In the next message, the recipient receives instructions and a web address where the appointment can be made. The appointment permit is personal. The SMS text message can be received by both a ‘smart’ phone and by a traditional mobile phone.

Advance notice is still being delivered to everyone aged 60–65 this week, in which it is explained that they will receive an appointment permit for an electronic appointment in the next text message.  Those senior citizens and risk group members in the previous vaccination shift who have not yet obtained a vaccination will also receive the same sort of notice.

The new appointment system does not require contact from residents to Pori’s Basic Social Security Administration in any other manner than that in the message. Contacting the coronavirus vaccination appointment service is necessary only in the event that the resident understands that s/he is in the vaccination shift, but has not received an SMS message or otherwise has problems in arranging an appointment electronically.  The client groups in the vaccination shift and other up-to-date information can be found at:

It is also possible to cancel a booking already made in the appointment system. The instructions can be found in the link sent to the person in the appointment queue. The system delivers a reminder of the booked appointment one day before.

Considerations regarding the vaccination site

Pori’s Basic Social Security Administration coronavirus vaccinations have successfully expanded to Pori’s Youth Centre this week. Vaccinations will be carried out in the Youth Centre in the future on weekdays during office hours, 8:00–16:00. The coronavirus vaccinations will also continue at other vaccination centres in the previous manner. Those who have already received the first vaccine should follow the earlier instructions and arrive at the agreed location for the booster vaccine.

The coronavirus vaccinations at the Youth Centre will take place in the facilities on the first floor. Access to the site of the Youth Centre vaccinations is from the main entrance at the corner of Isolinnankatu and Isouusikatu streets.  Infection-safe vaccination operations have been enabled at the Youth Centre, and access for those with disabilities is ensured.  During the vaccinations, that part of the parking lot between Isolinnankatu and Vähälinnankatu streets closest to the Youth Centre has been converted into a parking area where you can park for one hour free of charge by using a parking disc. After your vaccination, please exit the building from the side door of the Youth Centre to the parking area.