Covid-19 passport widely in use in the City of Pori

The City of Pori will have Covid-19 passports widely in use in its services and public events starting from 10th of December 2021. The passport will be required in indoor sporting and leisure venues, museums and public events organised by the city.

The usage of the passport is based on the most recent decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency Southwestern Finland (AVI) , which limits the attendees of indoor public events and meetings to 20 people. Previously, the decision was in place for events of over 50 people. This new decision is valid from the 10th to the 31st of December 2021.

The decision about public spaces is based on the Communicable Diseases Act’s Section 58 d, and it affects several publically open spaces. The decision includes sports and leisure venues such as gyms, swimming halls, dance venues and public saunas, regardless of the customer amount. For other customer venues, the decision must be adhered to if it is an indoor space of over 10 people or an outdoor space of over 50 people.

Operators can be exempt from restrictions by requiring a Covid-19 passport from the attendees. Based on this decision, all indoor sport venues, museums and other culture and performance facilities will take the passport to use.

- The city of Pori wants to act responsibly and carry our weight in ensuring that we can take control of the Covid-19 situation again. Instead of closing down services, the usage of the passport ensures normal use can continue at several venues, clarifies the City Manager of Pori, Aino-Maija Luukkonen.

According to AVI, a passport cannot be used in spaces that are essential for normal life or legal rights. These include libraries and youth services for example. A Covid-19 passport will however be required, if public events of over 20 people are held in these venues. These events will require a passport from anyone over 16 years of age. A passport is not required from under 16 years of age.

The decision about public space usage also affects activities and hobbies for children and youth. It does not stop them from operating. Hobbies and activities can continue by increasing health and safety measures, for example by restricting the attendance of parents and guardians in the venues.

For sporting venues’ public, the passport will be checked at the tills. For organised use, each organisation is required to ensure that anyone over 16 years of age participating in its classes and sessions has a Covid-19 passport.

In addition to the Covid-19 passport, the City of Pori is ensuring that common hygiene requirements are adhered to in its customer venues and public spaces.



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