New Covid-19 restrictions to take place in Pori from 24th December onwards – premises to be closed and events cancelled

Based on the most recent ruling by the Regional State Administrative Agency Southwestern Finland (AVI), more Covid-19 restrictions will commence in Pori from 24th December onwards. New restrictions will include cancelling all public events and closing down several city-operated premises. This decision is valid until the 31st December.

Due to the alarming Covid-19 situation in the Satakunta region, AVI made a new decision on the 23rd of December that will forbid any public events or meetings, regardless of the amount of participants. In addition, venues for sports, activities and leisure will be closed. The restrictions cannot be exempt by using a Covid-19 passport. The decision is based on the Communicable Diseases Act’s Section 58 g.

The ruling does not include early childhood education or education facilities, professional sports, private or family life, or services essential for legal rights. As the ruling is not including services of legal rights, museums, librabies, youth venues will stay open, and swimming halls can be used for rehabilitiational usage provided by KELA.

The decision does not exclude hobbies and activities for children and young people.  

Venues to be closed, events to be cancelled

The new restrictions will be visible in everyday life in Pori in several ways. A festive outdoor event planned in Raatihuoneenpuisto for New Year’s Eve will be cancelled. Indoor sport venues of the city (for example Karhuhalli, swimming halls, gyms) will be closed and sport club bookings cancelled. The booking services of the Education and Culture Division will be in touch with all users regarding the cancellations. People can still carry out outdoor sports, such as skiing or ice skating, but it is expected that everyone pays extra attention to safety measures even when outdoors.

- The city of Pori is complying to the new authority decisions. We will do everything we can in order to gain control of the pandemic situation again, says Esa Kohtamäki, Executive Director of the Education and Culture Division.

People are encouraged to carry on using face masks. A strong recommendation of using face masks is in place for anyone over 10 years of age. Good hand hygiene and safety distances are still strongly encouraged.