Pori will open swimming halls and gyms on 18 January - new restrictions valid until 28 January

Regional State Administrative Agency Southwestern Finland (AVI) has made a new ruling on the 14th of January. It will continue to forbid any public events both indoors and outdoors. The new ruling does allow opening some venues used for individual sports. Restrictions in Satakunta and in Pori will continue until 28 January.

New rulings by AVI will be targeted specifically to venues that are open for public or a restricted amount of people. These include customer, participant and waiting spaces that are used for example in team sports, group exercise or contact spots. Venues and spaces for individual sports can however be reopened.

The City of Pori will thus open its swimming halls (central, Meri-Pori and Maauimala) on Tuesday 18 January. In addition to these, the city’s gyms and indoor spaces for individual sports will be opened. All venues must still adhere to health and safety regulations and ensuring close contacts are avoided.

Usage of indoor venues will still be restriced as per AVI’s ruling for team sports, group exercise (including city-led instructed exercise groups, and baby/child- and parent -groups) and contact sports. Venues can however be used for individual sports and other sports that can be carried out with actual execution of health and safety regulations.

Children and youth born in 2003 or later can carry on with instructed activities and hobbies. Professional sports and activities within family or private circles can also continue.

Audience is not welcome to any indoor venues.

Libraries, museums, youth venues and Ohjaamo are still open. Everyone over 10 years of age is strongly encouraged to carry on using face masks in all indoor spaces. Hand hygiene and safety distances should still be taken care of. Covid-19 passport is not required nor requested in any City of Pori venues.

Organisers of any activities are required to ensure that safety distances can be kept. A written plan detailing health and safety action plan must be visible in the venue for everyone to see.




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