The companies and corporate bodies of Pori City Group

The corporate bodies of Pori City Group are divided into strategic, affiliate and associate corporate bodies.

In the beginning of the year 2018 there were 48 affiliate corporate bodies in Pori City Group. A municipal corporate body refers to communities which are controlled solely by the municipality or the municipality together with the communities which belong to the municipal group. The most significant communities of these have been named as strategic communities (8 ones in the beginning of the year 2018).

City of Pori also has 7 associated companies (shareholding of 20-50 %). Associated company is a community in which the municipality solely or the municipality together with other communities which belong to the municipal group, have a significant holding and a considerable influence.

City of Pori is a member in three municipal associations, also the city has numerous other holdings (shareholding less than 20 %) in different companies and other communities.

The City Group is managed and steered by the City Board. The City Group’s management consists of the City Board, Mayor, the Executive Directors of the Divisions and the Director of the Corporate Governance Department.

The City Board is responsible for:

  • ownership policy, developing and preparing the principles of Corporate Governance and the Group Instruction for the City Council,
  • realization of the Corporate Governance and organizing the Group Management and the Group Supervisory,
  • determining entity-specific division of the labor for the officers in the group management concerning the subsidiary corporations and associated communities,
  • giving a quarterly report for the City Council concerning the strategic companies’ realization of objects, the developing of the financial position and an assessment of the future development and risks,
  • giving the pre-position of the City concerning the matters required by the Group Instruction,
  • answering for the appointment process of the subsidiaries’ government members and nominating the City’s candidates for the subsidiaries’ governments.

With the above-mentioned tasks the City Board and the Mayor are assisted by the Corporate Governance Department which operates in the City organization.

There is more specific information about the Group steering in the Group Instruction accepted by the City Council on the 2nd of October 2017 and in the financial statement of the City, which also contains the economic figures describing the City Group and the description of the City’s holdings.

In the matters concerning the Corporate Governance and Group steering, please contact the Director of Corporate Governance Department, Jouni Lampinen: +35844 701 1117,


The strategic companies have a significant role in the City Group from the turnover, size of business, Division, ownership risk and overall consideration point of view. The City Board defines and nominates the strategic companies by a separate decision. The City of Pori’s strategic companies are:

  • Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy
  • Pori Energia Oy
  • Porin Linjat Oy
  • Porin Satama Oy
  • Porin Toimitilat Oy
  • Porin YH-Asunnot Oy
  • Prizztech Oy
  • Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu Oy