Education Division

The Education Division is responsible for Early Childhood Education and Care, Teaching, Sports and Youth Services and Culture Services in Pori. Under the Education Division there are five Departments.

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Department is responsible for organizing the pre-primary education and ECEC. The Teaching Department is responsible for organizing basic education, morning and afternoon activities, general upper secondary education and also for organizing the liberal adult education in adult education centres and in summer universities. In addition to these, the responsibility of the Teaching Department is to organize the basic education in the arts and hobby-supporting education in various fields of art.

The Sports and Youth Department is responsible for creating general conditions for exercise at the local level by providing services and facilities for young people and by supporting young people’s civic activities.

The Cultural Department’s task is to promote, support and organize cultural activities in the municipality. The cultural activity means practising art and having art as a hobby, the provision and use of art services and preserving and promoting local heritage. The Cultural Department is responsible for the library services and information services, museum services and maintaining the cultural assets, the orchestra and music services, the department’s event production, the cultural services for children and young people as well as supporting the cultural activities of the artists, students and the third sector.

The Shared Services Department is responsible for the planning, monitoring, developing of the Division’s administration, finance and HR. The Shared Services Department also accounts for the communication of the Education Division. The Shared Services Department is also responsible for the realization of the matrix-based steering model within the Education Division.

The Education Division is managed by the Executive Director Esa Kohtamäki.