Environment and Permit Services Division

The Environment and Permit Services Division is responsible for the judicial review, such as various permit and supervisory tasks, which belong to the building supervision and environmental protection authorities.

The division is responsible for the health surveillance and producing the services of basic veterinary service, animal protection ja and the official veterinarian in the co-operation area of environmental health care. The City Survey Department which is responsible for the official role related to the properties, is also a part of this division.

Planning and Development Department is responsible for the strategy of the division, developing the environment protection as well as the duties of the public transportation authority. The division consists of six departments: Building Supervision Department, Environment and Health Surveillance Department, Veterinary Department, City Survey Department, Planning and Development Department and Shared Services Department. In addition to these, Rural Services is the division’s operational unit.

The Environment and Permit Services Division is managed by the Executive Director Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio.