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Green Care is considered to be a new social service innovation and active intervention in the Finnish service system. The primary aim of the project is the promotion of social employment benefitting from the nature based Green Care methods and resources. Green Care is an activity regarding the green environment to improve the well-being of people and their quality of life. Green Care is based on scientific studies about the well-being influences of nature. A further aim is to set up the Green Care Centre of Expertise of the Pori region. The aim is also to develop preventive and work ability improving methods, social support networks and social inclusion as well as the well-being supporting service structures. Within the project will also be realized a pilot project with potential actors to make known the Green Care project in the region and to follow the scientific research in this field.


With the most innovative procedures will be improved social inclusion and employment as well as maintained the ability to work and act for those who are disadvantaged and socially excluded from society. Cooperation on national and international level with actors of this field is done in this project. An important part of the project are the locally realized Green Care pilots which promote the introduction of new activities. As part of the introduction of the Green Care network concept regular meetings of the operative groups will be arranged and a versatile information promoted. Concrete actions are also the introduction of the development results, their impress on the commune and organization sector, education, the inventory of potential environments and their resource-wise development. The foundation of the Green Care Centre of Expertise of the Pori region is one of the most important measures.


After the project Green Care methods according to international examples are partly impressed on the commune and organization sector and they are offered to clients professionally and responsibly. To coordinate the services the Green Care Centre of Expertise of the Pori region has been set up. The Green Care work has become well-known and established new companionships and operational networks with good practices and has got interested several actors in the Green Care procedures. The results of the pilot activities could be modelled and in the realisation were considered the different starting points and needs of women and men of special groups. As a result of the project has the role of the third sector strengthened when it comes to prevent social exclusion in the region. The services used for rehabilitation are based on the scientifically researched well-being effect of nature.