Other activities

A child makes a shadow to the wall by lifting up his hands with feathers in them.

Art activities in early childhood

Pori Centre for Children´s Culture Kruunupää produces other early childhood education art services in cooperation with e.g. Early Childhood Education and Care Department and Pori Art Museum. The children and their supervisors from the local nurseries and family day care can visit free of charge in the weekly, contemporary art –related workshops directed by artists. In addition to that, entities directed by artists which realize e.g. public art, are organized in nurseries, family day care facilities or in other premises. Special group work is carried out in cooperation with early childhood education, health and hospital services and family and social services.

Activities for schools

Pori Centre for Children´s Culture Kruunupää implements a wide range of artistic and cultural contents for schools and school groups. The aim is to support the equality of students and schools and equal opportunities for cultural rights. The City of Pori has implemented for example a cultural curriculum, Pori Cultural Path, by which the city’s distinctive cultural offerings are in a better use of teachers. Pori Centre for Children´s Culture Kruunupää goes alongside the children on the Pori Cultural Path especially with the fifth-graders, to whom are offered artist visits during their everyday school life.

Exhibitions and public works

Pori Centre for Children´s Culture Kruunupää implements different exhibitions with artists, children, families or other communities. Many of the exhibitions are orderable and feasible in different spaces from museums and galleries to schools and atypical exhibition venues. The exhibitions can be fitted in addition to the actual showrooms into many public spaces such as swimming baths, offices, libraries, schools etc. Pori Centre for Children´s Culture Kruunupää has realized numerous public works of art in urban spaces. The works have been carried out as a cooperation between the artists and the children for example in many nurseries and schools.


The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies –Mentor Training is organized annually, primarily for professionals in visual arts but also for workers in the field of education and family work.