The English Classes at Cygnaeus School is a free public primary / elementary school located in the centre of the town of Pori, Finland. It is an international school working within the auspices of Cygnaeus School. We follow the exact same Finnish national curriculum-2014 as any other Finnish school, with the only difference being that subjects are taught in English.

Cygnaeus School houses an English kindergarten / preschool and English Classes in grades 1-6. The English Classes have a total enrollment of over one hundred pupils. Each of the six grade levels has its own classroom teacher who teaches a total of 15-20 pupils on average.

Application for admission to the English Class first grade occurs online at the same time that application for Finnish first grade occurs in January. More detailed information: Coordinator of multilingual teaching Johanna Tiirikainen, 044 701 3580  | Cygnaeus School |.


The English class functions as a part of Porin Lyseo School, and follows the school’s curriculum. Teaching is given bilingually in English and Finnish. One of the most important goals is a good basic education. A key objective is the development of robust language skills for the pupils.

The objective of teaching in the bilingual classes is that the student feels comfortable learning in English. The goal is that he/she will develop the desire, courage and skill to use his or her English language skills. The pupil will understand English as a natural part of life, and will actively strive to learn the language. The pupil will learn about foreign cultures and will be able to cope with different situations in the classroom using a foreign language.

For Whom:
•    pupils transferring from Cygnaeus School English Classes (no admission test)
•    pupils who wish to further develop their English language skills transferring from other primary schools
•    pupils living in Finland on a temporary basis
•    expat pupils with English language skills

•    directly from Cygnaeus English Classes
•    pupils from normal Finnish classes / expat pupils, after passing an admission test

Application forms: in January
Admission test: in February

More detailed information: Coordinator of multilingual teaching Johanna Tiirikainen, 044 701 3580 | Porin Lyseo School |.