Applying to Pori upper secondary school

Applying to Porin lukio general upper secondary school with a foreign basic education certificate through online joint application system

A person may be admitted into education if they have completed the Finnish primary and lower secondary education syllabus, an equivalent earlier syllabus, or foreign education which in the country in question qualifies for studies equivalent to general upper secondary education. In this case, the education provider must assess the applicant’s command of the language of instruction and other prerequisites for completing general upper secondary education. An applicant cannot be admitted as a student unless they have sufficient knowledge of the study programme’s language of instruction, including both spoken and written language usage and understanding. Additional information General upper secondary education – OKM – Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

If you apply to Pori Upper Secondary School with a foreign diploma, you must apply through the online joint application system . The application period in the spring 2024 joint application to upper secondary education starts on the 20th of February 2024 and ends on the 19th of March 2024 at 3 pm UTC+2.

Unfortunately, the application form is only available in Finnish and Swedish. When applying, select “Ulkomailla suoritettu koulutus” as the basic education. You can apply to up to seven (7) different study programmes, which must be arranged in the order of preference. 
In addition, write a short free-form application. Please answer the following questions in your application: 

  • Who are you? Please give your contact information as well (email address, postal address). 
  • Why do you want to study at Pori general upper secondary school? 
  • Where have you studied before? How long have you been studying English? How long have you been studying Finnish? Do you speak English and Finnish? If so, what is your proficiency level in these languages? 

Please submit your application and your latest diplomas and all other documents supporting your selection by no later than March 19, 2024 to: 

Porin lukio 
Tasavallankatu 4 
28130 Pori 
If you are applying to the English stream, you must also take a language test to show your ability to study in English. You will also receive additional points for the English stream from your previous English studies. The entrance exam in English will be held on Thursday 18.4.2024 at 13.30-15.30 UTC+3 at Porin lukio upper secondary school at Tasavallankatu 4, Pori, entrance at the corner of Tasavallankatu and Koulukatu, down the stairs to the 0th floor. We will invite you to the test. You can attend on MS Teams if your home address is abroad. You need your ID with your picture (e.g. passport, identity card, driving license), a pencil and an eraser for the test.  Be sure to mention your email address in your application. Please note, for example, that only the mandatory modules in the curriculum are taught in English. Optional modules and courses are taught in Finnish and the matriculation examination must be completed in Finnish. 

If you apply to Porin lukio with a foreign comprehensive school certificate, we invite you also to a mandatory Finnish language test. You should have a good ability in Finnish so that you could pass the matriculation examination in Finnish at the end of your studies. The date and time of the Finnish test will be announced earliest on April 10th and the tests will be arranged between April 17th – 25th 2024.

Student admissions list will be published on the school’s website on June 13, 2024 at the earliest. Your name will appear on it if you are selected and if you have given permission to publish it. In addition, applicants selected as students will receive an admissions letter by email with detailed enrolment instructions. No information about student admissions decisions or test results will be announced before June 13, 2024, even on request. This procedure is in accordance with the decree of the ministry of education and culture and the order of the national board of education.

You must confirm that you will have to take the study place no later than June 27th 2024. Otherwise, it will be cancelled.

You cannot be selected for the sports stream unless you have filled in the questions about your previous sports performance in . You can get extra points from your previous hobbies related to drama (please attach the certificates to your free-form application). 

If you have any questions about our education programme, please contact our study counsellor, maija.pihl(at), +358 44 701 9492, or the headmaster (international affairs and English stream), jarkko.kivela(at), +358 44 701 5333. Decisions concerning student admissions are made by the headmaster Janne Hakoniemi, janne.hakoniemi(at)pori.  

The utmost important thing is that all students should have good command in Finnish before starting their studies at any Finnish general upper secondary school. About 5 % of our students are foreigners.

We also have some exchange students (from six months to one year). In general, international exchange student organizations arrange the formalities of the exchange student year. To apply as an exchange student you can also send an informal application to porin.lukio(at)