Welcome to Pori!

We hope that you enjoy your time in your new home Pori. The City of Pori welcomes our new residents with a welcome gift.

It’s great that you’ve chosen Pori as your place of residence. We hope that you enjoy your time in Pori. 

The city of Pori welcomes new residents with a welcome gift. Once a month, those who have recently moved to Por,i receive a post card from the city by mail. In this card, you can find a code which provides access to fantastic benefits. The cards are typically sent out during the following month after the move. 

Information about the new residents is obtained from The Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Please note that you must have officially moved to Pori and registered a permanent address change in order to receive the welcome card. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Download the Muuttovoitto App from Google Play or the Apple Store on your smartphone. We apologize that the app is currently available only in Finnish, but our intention is to translate it into English as well. 
  1. Log in to the app using the credentials provided to you in the welcome card you’ve received by mail. You have nearly a year to activate the Muuttovoitto App. The benefits within the app are available for one year from the activation date. 
  1. Logging in to the app: Your username and password are included in the post card. Be aware that some letters look similar (e.g., uppercase “I” and lowercase “l,” or zero “0” and capital “O”). Feel free to try different combinations. 
  1. App usage on a single device: You can only use the same credentials to activate the app on one device.  
  1. If you don’t have a smartphone, the City of Pori offers discount coupons valid in the city’s own services. These can be collected from the information desk at the Pori City Hall (Hallituskatu 12) during its opening hours. 
  1. Technical issues: If you encounter any technical problems (such as being logged out of the app or login issues), please contact info@slice.fi. 

Important: Keep the credentials you’ve received safe. We are unable to issue new credentials if you lose them. 


Feel free to explore Pori and take advantage of the benefits! By downloading the app, you can enjoy the following benefits in Pori: 

  1. Free swimming: Take advantage of two free entries to the swimming halls 
  1. Cultural experiences: Immerse yourself in the city’s many cultural offerings  
  1. Bus rides: Enjoy a month of free bus rides in the local public transport  

Additionally, the app provides numerous benefits from local partners, including discounts at cafés and restaurants. 

When you’re out and about, you can identify businesses offering these benefits by looking for a sticker that says Muuttovoitto (see below). These stickers are commonly found near cash registers, entrances or shop windows. 

[Small image of Muuttovoitto] 

This Muuttovoitto sticker will show you the places you can get Welcome gift benefits with the app.

Not a resident of Pori yet?

No worries! You can rectify that right away. Find a suitable home, register an address change and unlock these fantastic perks. 

Why Move to Pori? 

Pori is a city fueled by tenacity, creativity, and contrasts. Whether in business or any other field, Pori’s core values include resilience and a unique approach to getting things done. Porilaiset (the people of Pori) take pride in their ability to create from scratch and rise from the ashes. Self-irony and self-critique go hand in hand here. 

Here are some compelling reasons to call Pori your home: 

  1. Happiness: Pori is home to the happiest people, as confirmed by research conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). 
  1. Culture and nature: Experience a vibrant cultural scene alongside the tranquility of nature. Pori’s heartbeat resonates with both. 
  1. Child friendly: Pori is recognized as a Child Friendly City by UNICEF. Children enjoy excellent play opportunities, safety, and the freedom to explore the streets. 
  1. Short commutes: Schools, daycare centers, and workplaces are conveniently close, ensuring that your days don’t stretch out while sitting in a car. 

Porilaiset have shared their reasons for loving Pori: 

"I fell in love with Pori because there’s always something happening here."

“Pori is easy to live in — it’s just the right size.” 

“Pori offers something unique that you won’t find elsewhere.” 

Sometimes, rational reasons emerge only after love has already ignited. So don’t hesitate—immerse yourself, fall in love with Pori, and let’s figure out the details later! 🌟❤️