Studying in Pori

Welcome to Finland's best student city! On this website you will find useful information that you might need during your studies.

  • Living in Pori

    Would you like to live in the hustle and bustle of the city center or in the tranquility of the woods? In Pori, you can have both - and affordably!

  • Free time

    Heavy-duty studying, heavy-duty fun. Not just for school but for living. A student also needs free time and activities. In Pori, you'll find it!

  • Career opportunities

    Pori is a relentless, stubborn city that draws strength from creative madness and contradictions time and time again. At its core lies resilient entrepreneurship and a unique way of doing things, in any field.

  • Life as a student

    Perhaps not the first choice, but with experience, the best. In this section, the best experts on student life in Pori share their insights - those who study in Pori. This section is complemented with tips, news, a language guide, Masaliisa's instructions, and all sorts of things.