Pori, a liveable city

Take a look at how we live in Pori!

From early childhood care to adult education, with study and work opportunities, and lots of free time activities in between – that is what life in Pori is about.

In Pori, you can educate yourself throughout your life. Multiple day cares, schools, vocational school and higher education ensure the possibility of lifelong learning. Take a look into education opportunities here.

There are also free and safe playgrounds around the city. Find your favourite here.

In Pori, there is no either or when it comes to culture and sports. You can fill your free time with theater, museums and music or you can head out to try our various sports facilities, including swimming halls, ice rinks and sports halls. The beautiful nature of Pori also offers several opportunities for new adventures.

Culture vultures will find plenty to keep themselves occupied with in Pori. Whether you prefer history or modern art, our art galleries, museums, theatres and other attractions offer something for everyone. There are concerts and huge summer events that attract visitors from across the globe as well as entertain the locals. Kirjurinluoto, home to the legendary Pori Jazz festival and Pori’s central park, is being further developed, and offers outdoor recreation facilities to people of all ages. More information on culture services here and Visit Pori’s website offers suggestions for all things fun.

If it’s sport that gets you out of bed, we have plenty to offer. The Pori Sports Centre is located just outside the city centre, around a kilometre from the Market Square. The sports centre is well-equipped for a wide variety of sports from football to gymnastics and other public events. The surrounding area also offers jogging trails, fitness stairs, and outdoor gyms. The city maintains over 200 sports facilities, from sports halls to swimming pools. In addition, there are numerous sports opportunities organised by the private sector. The city’s sporty side is introduced in more detail here.

Top tip: a few times a year, the City of Pori organises a Pay What You Want Day in the city’s culture and sports facilities. It means literally what is says in the name: you can decide yourself what you want to pay as an entry fee to a museum or a swimming hall, for example!