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Information packages for immigrants

Useful information regarding official matters as well as living, studying and working in Pori.

MONIPORI-multilingual info

MONIPORI provides support and guidance in matters such as official dealings, residence permit applications, as well as matters related to studying, employment, and housing.

Pay What You Want Day

On Pay What You Want Day, you can decide what you want to pay to enter different culture and sports facilities of City of Pori! The day is held a few times a year.

The beauty of Pori

In Pori, you can make a home by the seashore, quiet forest side or up high looking over the city.

Pori, a liveable city

Take a look at how we live in Pori!

Life as a student

Perhaps not the first choice, but with experience, the best. In this section, the best experts on student life in Pori share their insights - those who study in Pori. This section is complemented with tips, news, a language guide, Masaliisa's instructions, and all sorts of things.

Career opportunities

Pori is a relentless, stubborn city that draws strength from creative madness and contradictions time and time again. At its core lies resilient entrepreneurship and a unique way of doing things, in any field.

Free time

Heavy-duty studying, heavy-duty fun. Not just for school but for living. A student also needs free time and activities. In Pori, you'll find it!

Benefits of Pori

Pori is a place where you will meet happy people, experience the hustle and bustle of a lively city, and find opportunities to relax in the peace and quiet of nature.

Living in Pori

Would you like to live in the hustle and bustle of the city center or in the tranquility of the woods? In Pori, you can have both - and affordably!