Moving around Pori

Getting around in Pori is possible in several different ways. For example, cycling and walking in the city are easy and convenient because the distances in the city center are short. There are a total of thousands of kilometers of bike paths in the city.

  • You can catch buses from, for example, Porin kauppatori (Pori Market Square) and some routes depart from the Matkakeskus (Travel Center). You can also check the bus schedules and real-time locations in the Waltti Mobile app. Single tickets can be purchased through the app, with cash from the driver, or by contactless payment on board.

    For more information on public transportation and schedules, visit

    In the city center, you can easily get around with the Citylinja, connecting Puuvilla Shopping Center, Market Square, Matkakeskus, and Sports Center. The fare for Citylinja is only 1€ per trip! Citylinja also connects the campuses of three universities along its route

  • In Pori, you can conveniently get around by walking, cycling, or using electric scooters. In the city center, distances are short, and with the help of an extensive network of bike paths, you can easily travel a bit further. You can find the Pori cycling map here.

    Pori offers various electric scooter providers. Electric scooters are placed at key locations in Pori, making it easy and effortless to move around the city center. To use each scooter, you’ll need a brand-specific app, which you can download from your phone’s app store. Please be mindful of areas where leaving scooters is prohibited.

    In Yyteri, you have the opportunity to rent fatbikes and electric fatbikes! Explore the selection further here.

    Pori offers several different electric scooter providers. These electric scooters are located at key spots in Pori, making it convenient to travel within the city center. To use each scooter, you’ll need a brand-specific app, which can be downloaded from your phone’s app store. Please be aware of areas where scooter parking is prohibited.

  • You can conveniently find all the downtown parking areas on this map. In addition, Sokos, IsoKarhu, and Puuvilla shopping centers have plenty of time-restricted disc parking spaces. For information about parking and its prices, you can visit the City of Pori’s website. You can find parking areas on this map. Near the Travel Center, you will find a large free 24-hour parking lot.

    Charging your electric vehicle is possible, for example, at Herralahden kenttä parking area on Kuninkaanlahdenkatu. There is currently one charging station at the Portinaukio parking area near the Travel Center. Pori City’s charging stations are public and meant for general use. You can find more charging locations here.

    • Remember to thank the driver when exiting the bus. A cheerful ‘kiitti’ (thank you) and a wave of the hand are appropriate.
    • Don’t walk in the middle of bike or pedestrian paths. In Pori, you should walk on the right side, regardless of your mode of transportation.
    • When a car gives way, wave your hand in gratitude.
    • It’s a good idea to see if the driver is in a hurry. Often they are. Let them go first.
    • When using public transportation, always check the schedules first, as the frequency of services can be low.
    • Secure your bike properly.
    • Pori has many one-way streets and moped cars.
    • In Pori’s public transportation, there are no student tickets; discounted tickets apply to all under 26-year-olds