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As an attempt to avert the spreading of the corona virus, the city will restrict the use of its public spaces until the end of the year.
Alvar Aalto Week 2020 will be organised in Pori and Eura between 22 and 30 August. The focus of attention will naturally be Villa Mairea, an Alvar Aalto site in Noormarkku, Pori, and several sites in Kauttua, Eura, the most famous of which is the Terraced House. The theme of the week will be Aalto in everyday life.
Flights between Pori and Helsinki continue again after corona virus break. There will be three flights available for both ways every day.
The city board of Pori has accepted Budapest Aircraft Service (BASe) Ltd’s tender covering flight connections between Pori and Helsinki. The contract period started the 1st of August 2019 and follows the public service obligation.
As in the previous years, SuomiAreena and International Jazz Music Festival Pori Jazz will be held in the city of Pori in July, as usual. During the next week, from 12th to 20th of July, city of Pori is filled with culture, social discussions and festival visitors, when these major summer events is on with full speed.
Concerning any matter, you can contact social stand-by services of city of Pori tel: +358 (0)2 623 4380. Phone number is available Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm.
Registration for preschool is open until 15. February.
A new, English language -focused study program starts today at Pori Lyseo upper secondary school. The program is the first English language -focused line of study in the upper secondary schools in Pori.