Information about Covid-19

Updated 14.6.2021 


The use of the face mask is recommended in the following situations and for the following persons over 12 years of age:

  • In public transport.
  • Persons on route for the coronavirus test and before the completion of the test result if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.
  • Passengers arriving in Finland from the risk area when they move from the point of entry to quarantine or if they have a necessary reason to move outside the home during quarantine.
  • In domestic tourism, the destination's instructions on how to use the mask should be followed
  • When visiting or working in a hospital, health center, or 24-hour care facility
  • In addition, it is a good idea to always use a face mask in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact, for example at public events, or indoors when there are a lot of people on site.


- Outdoor swimming pool opens on Monday 7.6. The opening will follow existing restrictions and recommendations. The customers of the outdoor swimming pool are called upon to take responsibility so that swimming is possible throughout the summer.

- In accordance with the recommendations of the Satakunta Regional Working Group for the Control of Infectious Diseases (ATTR) normal outdoor hobbies and match-fixing for adults can be started on May 31.

- Match-fixing, competition and performance activities for 20-year-olds and younger is allowed indoors and outdoors starting May 31. Matches and competitions can be held regardless of the corona situation of the opponent's or participants' domicile. If there is an audience present, AVI's current regulation regarding public events must be observed. Clubs must also take into account their own association's guidelines for training, competition activities and children's and young people's competition events, and instruct their own groups to act in accordance with common guidelines.

- In the case of museums and other cultural facilities, activities must be organized for a limited number of customers in such way that safety can be maintained and instructions in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act can be followed. If public events related to the activities are held on the premises, AVI's current gathering limit of 50 people must be observed.

- ATTR recommends that private events for more than 50 people should not be held. The events must follow THL's recommendations on distances and hygiene. It is recommended to use a face mask indoors in accordance with THL's instructions, especially if the safety distances cannot be observed. Arrangements for private events should take the size of the space into account and favor outdoor events.

- From Tuesday, May 25 on, the reading rooms of Pori libraries will be opened using hygiene and time restrictions (2 hours / person). Self-opening hours will be re-enabled, and the 15-minute transaction limit will be removed. In addition, study rooms such as microfilm, research rooms and music rooms will be opened for customer use. More detailed dates and instructions can be found on the library's website.

- In accordance with the recommendations of the Satakunta Regional Working Group for the Control of Infectious Diseases (ATTR), match-fixing, competition and performance activities for 13 to 20-year-olds can be carried out indoors and outdoors with basic localities. Hobbies are also allowed indoors between your own team or group. If there is an audience present, AVI's current regulation regarding public events must be observed. Clubs must also take into account their own association's guidelines for training, competition activities and children's and young people's competition events, and instruct their own groups to act in accordance with common guidelines.

- Summer camps are still recommended to work in limited groups of up to 10 people, who stay, eat and work together in such a way that there is no contact with other groups that may be operating in the same center at the same time. If camp activities start, the camp should only be allowed to participate asymptomatically. Arrangements for camps and events should be agreed with the local infectious disease authorities.

- It has previously been possible for adults to exercise outdoors, taking into account general hygiene instructions and safe distances. Monday 17.5. from adult hobby activities indoors are allowed in groups of up to 20 people with the same hygiene instructions and safe distances in mind. Follow-up shifts within the framework of adult hobbies will start on the same day. The possibility also applies to civic colleges, Pori Art School and Palmgren Conservatory

- Monday 17.5. from the city's indoor sports facilities are also available for adult activities. As a result, gyms will also be opened to the public: gyms in the downtown and Meri-Pori swimming pools, Urheilutalo sports hall, Pori stadium, in addition with Lavia, Levo and Reposaari. The gym at Noormarkku Sports Hall will open on Friday 21 May.

- Pori high schools organize student graduation ceremonies according to the instructions sent by the schools. The public does not have the opportunity to participate in the ceremony.. Private graduation parties can be staggered in groups of up to 20 people. Party organizers are advised to keep a list of participants just in case.

- With regard to museums, the Satakunta Museum,  Luontotalo Arkki , rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo and the Rosenlew Museum will open their doors on Tuesday 27 April. The Pori Art Museum will open its doors with new exhibitions on Friday, April 30. The Poriginal Gallery will not open until mid-May. Visits to museums are allowed, subject to safety intervals and general hygiene instructions. Smaller units such as the Luontotalo Arkki , rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo and the Rosenlew Museum will be subject to visitor restrictions if necessary. Larger groups should contact the museums in advance.

- The youth facilities, with the exception of the youth center in the city center, and the Annis Culture House will open on Monday 26 April. Depending on the size of the facilities, the number of visitors is limited. Visitors of high school age and older should wear a face mask and all visitors are instructed to use the facilities in a corona-safe manner.

- Classes 7 to 9 will return to contact teaching on Monday, March 29, in accordance with the recommendations of the The regional working group of infectious diseases (ATTR). Pori high schools will return to contact teaching from 12 April in accordance with the recommendations of the ATTR.

- Restrictions on the use of city facilities will remain unchanged until 11 April, after which the situation will be reassessed. Hobby activities for high school students and parents are considered suspended throughout this time.

- It is still possible to practice for primary school children and younger people, taking into account distances and avoiding contacts. It is possible to use the outdoor areas for independent practice.

- The recommendation on hobby activities does not apply to adults national or group sport national team activities or over 18-year-olds Finnish Championship level and Division I level competition and training activities, and professional training aimed at international excellence, Olympic Committee support athletes or OMK scholarship athletes.

- Unnecessary travel is not recommended within or outside the Satakunta region. 

- With regard to sports facilities, the indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the city's indoor sports facilities, including Karhuhalli, have been closed for the time being with certain exceptions. Training and competition opportunities for competitive and elite sports are secured for professional sports based on a serial license agreement or sports agreement, as defined by the Ministry of Education, national team activities, Olympic Committee support athletes and OKM scholarship athletes.

- Sports events and competitions that cross the provincial borders of Satakunta should not be organized. The recommendation applies to indoor and outdoor sports and sporting events for individuals and teams of all ages.

- Outdoor sports venues can be kept open for voluntary movement.

-  Group teaching for children and young people at the Palmgre Conservatory, as well as civic college courses for groups of less than 11 people, began on January 25th. Art school adult groups are moving to distance learning. The operations of the Culture House Annis and the children's culture center Kruunupää will be closed.

- The normal operation of social services and healthcare (Perusturva), that are medically necessary or continuous, will continue.

- Entrepreneurs in the Pori area have acted responsibly in the midst of the corona pandemic. However, the City of Pori calls on entrepreneurs to continue to act responsibly in challenging conditions, and to continue to take into account the use of safety distances and other hygiene issues in their business premises.



You can find national instructions and information about coronavirus in many different languages on the webpage of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (for example Русский язык, Eesti Keel, عربية, Türkçe).

The latest coronavirus news in Arabic, in Somali, in Kurdish and in Persian an be found here

Besides you can read more about the latest national updates in English or in Swedish.

Allocated service numbers help in coronavirus related issues:

  • Pori region co-operation information number: 02 623 4333 (Everyday 8-16. Other times call Satasairaala hospital service number 116 117).
  • Satasairaala hospital service number: 116 117 
  • Service number for dental health: 044 701 0044 (Mon-Friday 8-16).
  • Prizztech Oy service number for companies: 02 620 5300 (Weekdays from 8-16).
  • Social work emergency number: 02 623 4380 (24 h).
  • National information number: 0295 535 535 (Weekdays from 8-21 and Saturdays from 9-15). 

If you are ill or have mild symptoms, stay at home. Do not work if you are ill. If your child has symptoms, the child must stay at home and not go to day care or school. You have to inform the day care or school about this.

If you have severe symptoms, call to health care nubmers (above). Do not go to health center before calling and booking an appoitment.

Current information about corona issues in Pori

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