Information about Covid-19

Updated 5.6.2020

You can find national instructions and information about coronavirus in many different languages on the webpage of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (for example Русский язык, Eesti Keel, عربية, Türkçe).

The latest coronavirus news in Arabic, in Somali, in Kurdish and in Persian an be found here

Besides you can read more about the latest national updates in English or in Swedish.

Allocated service numbers help in coronavirus related issues:

  • Pori region co-operation information number: 02 623 4333 (Weekdays 8-16, other times call Satasairaala hospital service number).
  • Satasairaala hospital service number: 116 117 
  • Service number for dental health: 044 701 0044 (Mon-Friday 8-16).
  • Service number for senior citizens: 02 623 4466 (Mon-Friday 8-16).
  • Prizztech Oy service number for companies: 02 620 5300 (Weekdays from 8-16).
  • Social work emergency number: 02 623 4380 (24 h).
  • National information number: 0295 535 535 (Weekdays from 8-21 and Saturdays from 9-15). 

If you are ill or have mild symptoms, stay at home. Do not work if you are ill. If your child has symptoms, the child must stay at home and not go to day care or school. You have to inform the day care or school about this.

If you have severe symptoms, call to health care nubmers (above). Do not go to health center before calling and booking an appoitment.

Current information about corona issues in Pori

Read nationwide information from the links in the beginning of the page.

Starting from 1st of June:

Extra caution is needed when using facilities and guidances have to be followed, such as safe distances.

  • The following beaches open: Yyteri, Kirjurinluoto, Ahlainen, Lavia, Noormarkku and Tammi.
  • The following beaches are closed: Lyttylä, Reposaari, Ruosniemi and Uniluoto.
  • Pori and Noormarkku's sports hall and city's owned gyms open
  • Meri-Pori swimming hall opens, Pori swimming hall opens 17.8.
  • Lido (outdoor swimming hall) opens 15.6.
  • Libraries open
  • Satakunta museum, The Ark Nature Centre, Rosenlew museum, Construction Culture House Toivo and Korsman's house open 2.6.
  • Most of the city's social meeting places open

Starting from 14th of May:


- Basic education between grades 1-9 continues with safety guidelines (such as taking care of good hygiene)

- After school afternoon clubs are held if there is depand

- Schools do not have spring celebration/graduation ceremonies but diplomas are given on the 30th of May

- School transportation continues but it is recommended that older children bike to school, if possible

- High schools continue distance teaching

Sport actitivies:

- Turfs (artificial grass pitches), multifunctional pitches and sand pitches open 14.5.

- Stadion's and Noormarkku's sport fields open 14.5.

- Grass pitches open 15.5.

Extra caution is needed when using sport facilities and guidances have to be followed, such as safe distances.

Culture activities:

- Youth spaces can open starting from 1.6. except youth house and Puuvilla's youth space.

- Libraries open 1.6. and limited amount of people can enter at the same time (max 50 people). Lending is possible already before 1.6. if reservations are made online starting from 11.5.

Reliefs for early education payments during emergency powers act

The city government is proposed on Monday the 30th of March that the city of Pori offers free early education between during emergency powers act. Requirement for free early education is that the child has been continuously away from the day care for at least two weeks. The absence has to be informed before hand for the child’s day care group or the childminder. It is also suggested that the fees for afternoon groups for the children are compensated in the same way.