Information about COVID-19

Updated 23.1.2023 

This page provides current information on Covid-19 issues in Pori. Further nationwide information is available from the links on the right side of the page.

Information gathered on recommendations and regulations is based on those provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)  Satakunta Regional Working Group for the Control of Infectious Diseases (ATTR) and Regional State Administrative Agency Southwestern Finland (AVI).


You can find national instructions and information about the Covid-19 virus in many different languages on the webpage of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (for example Русский язык, Eesti Keel, عربية, Türkçe).

The latest Covid-19 virus news in Arabic, in Somali, in Kurdish and in Persian can be found here

The latest national updates are also available in English or in Swedish.

Allocated service numbers help in Covid-19 related issues:

  • Pori region co-operation information number: 02 621 5000.
  • Satasairaala Hospital service number: 116 117 
  • Service number for dental health: 044 701 0044 (Mon-Friday 8-16)
  • Prizztech Oy service number for companies: 02 620 5300 (weekdays from 8-16)
  • Social work emergency number: 02 623 4380 (24 h)
  • National information number: 0295 535 535 (weekdays 8-21, Saturdays from 9-15).