Pay what you want -day is here soon again

The popular Pay what you want -day is next held on Wednesday 28th of June. It falls on the SuomiAreena week, so you can enjoy the city’s culture and sports facilities in the middle of the interesting SuomiAreena discussions – by paying an entrance fee that suits your budget!

During the Pay what you want -day, customers can decide themselves what they want to pay as an entrance fee to several culture and sports services offered by the City of Pori. You can pay 20 cents, 20 euros, or any other sum. The goal of the day is to get people out and about, getting to know the many different services the city has to offer. You can pay by cash or card.

This time, the Pay what you want -day falls in the middle of the SuomiAreena week on the 28th of June. SuomiAreena is the biggest societal festival in Finland with plenty of interesting discussions and other events around current issues within the society. Why not pop into some culture or sports facilities in between your SuomiAreena experience!

The following venues are included in the Pay what you want -day:

The Ark Nature Centre (opening hours 11–17) 

Building Heritage Museum Toivo (opening hours 12-17, free entry)

Kruunupää Centre for Children’s Culture (opening hours 10–14)

Open Air Public Swimming Pool (opening hours 6–21)

Poriginal gallery (opening hours 11-18, free entry)

Rosenlew Museum (opening hours 11–17) 

Satakunta Museum (opening hours 11–20)

This year will have two more Pay what you want -days: 11th October and 13th of December.